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american hand made dog treats

BarkTender Brands is breaking the mold and setting a new standard in the dog treat world. Offering unique, fun, and quirky flavors inspired by the most popular adult beverages, brews, spirits, and mixed drinks. Our process is as unique as our brand. Each and every premium grade, natural dog treat is made in small craft batches by hand, baked to perfection, packaged with love, and proudly made in America. Cheers to Dog, Cheers to Quality, to a treat that is fun and flavorful.

The Doggie Distilery & Brewery ™

The Doggie Distillery and Brewery is a magical place where craft made dog treats are made and served to pups and pooches. This is the whimsical watering hole where pet parents can serve man’s best friend a drink. Based in Knoxville, Tn, BarkTender Brands runs and operates small batch, hand made premium dog treat manufacturing. The unique alcoholic flavor profiles are born from creativity in what has been developed as the Doggie Distillery and Brewery. Whether it be a beagle, bulldog, poodle or any pooch, we say pull up a stool to the bar and our friendly BarkTender Barky will serve yummy, fun treats that both doggie and pet parent love!

Fresh and All Natural

Our dog treats do have a kick, a spike, a little punch. Barky the Barktender and his team of professional bakers, brew masters, and distillers only produce natural treats that are baked fresh. We pride ourselves on providing a premium treat that has no corn, no soy, or artificial ingredients. Unlike many other dog treats our flavors are created with natural meats, oils, and produce. Our extracts are fully natural, and we selectively use all natural coloring for our dough’s and icing at BT’s Bake Shop. BarkTender Brands go extra mile in making a fun, buzzing treat that has all the benefits of quality.

The Secret Sauce

Flour Power

Barktender Brands is known for our “out of the box” thinking and creativity behind dog treat development. Our spirit-inspired treats as well as gourmet decorate treats are made with a patent pending flour composed of secret ingredients and processes. The base flour that we call our “flour power” is oat based with specialized fermented process. The fermentation adds an extra kick of flavor to as well as healthy benefits. Lastly, the process further supports our brand mission of providing a fun, flavorful buzzing experience for furry friends.

Hand rolled. Hand cut. hand decorated.

It is morning at the Barktender Brands distillery, brewery and bake shop. While our oats are fermenting, our flour is being custom milled, and On Tap Treats, Moonshine Morsels, Tavern Treats Pub Snacks and Cocktails are in the oven, our baking team are hand rolling, hand cutting, and hand decorating premium, gourmet goodies for your dog. From fresh milled flour, to farm fresh eggs, to natural bacon chunks, our team is up and early every day to make and bake the freshest of dog treats. The “pawsitive” pride is clearly seen in the quality of each treat we make. Enjoy and Cheers to Dog! Toast to the treat!

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